Stanton Honig, MD

Stanton Honig, MD
Urology, Male Infertility & Reproductive Health, Reconstructive Urologic Surgery & Trauma
Accepting new patients? Yes
Referrals required? From patients or physicians
Patient type treated: Child; Adult
Board Certified in Urology

Stanton C. Honig, MD, is the director of the Yale Medicine Male Reproductive Health/Sexual Medicine Program and a nationally known expert on male infertility, sexual medicine and surgery. In addition to his general urology practice, he provides personalized care to men struggling with infertility and sexual problems. He also works with couples who have trouble conceiving because of such issues as lack of sperm in the ejaculate, low sperm counts, or blockage of the vas deferens, the tiny tubes that deliver sperm. Dr. Honig has more than 20 years of experience in microsurgery and genital reconstruction. 

To provide coordinated care for fertility patients, he works closely with reproductive endocrinologists. “It’s so rewarding to help couples achieve pregnancy and to improve intimacy in couples,” Dr. Honig says. “As long as we can find sperm,” he tells fertility patients, “we can help you to start a family. In cases of erectile dysfunction, we can help everyone. It’s just a matter of which treatment you would like to choose.”

Dr. Honig has been at the forefront of many groundbreaking techniques in male reproduction and sexual medicine, including sperm retrieval techniques, medical and surgical treatment of erectile dysfunction, vasectomy, and testis implants, as well as treatments for low testosterone.