Raymond Johnson, MD, PhD

Raymond Johnson, MD, PhD
Infectious Diseases, Internal Medicine
Accepting new patients? Yes
Referrals required? From physicians only
Patient type treated: Adult

Raymond Johnson, MD, PhD is an associate professor of medicine (Infectious Diseases) at Yale School of Medicine and a clinician at Yale Medicine. In the latter role, Dr. Johnson treats patients with complex hospital infections, such as surgical infections, diabetic foot ulcers, or fevers of unknown origin. Many of these conditions can be very complicated and require close follow-up, says Dr. Johnson. “You have to reassure the patients about the entire process, rather than simply saying, ‘Here, take this and you’ll be better.’” He follows up with patients for as long as necessary, even if it takes years.

Dr. Johnson is also a world-class researcher specializing in the herpes simplex virus and chlamydia. His expertise in molecular genetics and cell biology enables him to help people feel comfortable about the science behind their infection and the treatments that will help cure it. “I try to make sure the patient understands their condition and the range of diagnostic treatments available to them,” he says. “We review the basic biology of what’s going on. I want to make sure they are comfortable with the interaction and the care they’re receiving.”

Clinical Trials

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