Clinical Research

In the fight against cancer, Yale has been at the forefront of understanding the fundamental mechanisms of cancer biology and in developing effective therapies for the treatment of cancer. Yale Cancer Center harnesses the resources of Yale Medicine and Yale New Haven Hospital to advance cancer research, prevention and patient care, as well as community outreach and education.

Our research endeavors are focused through seven research programs that include faculty members and researchers from a variety of disciplines. These research programs encompass the activities of a group of investigators from different disciplines and academic departments who share common scientific interests and goals and participate in competitively funded research. They are designed to encourage information exchange, the development of experimental techniques, and new ideas that enhance the individual productivity of scientists and result in multi-investigator collaborations. Each program is led by a recognized national leader(s) in the field of cancer research.

Clinical Trials

In cancer research, a clinical trial is a study conducted with cancer patients, usually to evaluate a new treatment. Each study is designed to answer scientific questions and to find new and better ways to help cancer patients. Yale Cancer Center has numerous clinical trials available for patients who are seeking the most advanced treatments available.

With the development of the Phase I Program at Yale Cancer Center there are an ever-growing number of open Phase I trials. Phase I trials allow clinicians to look for new causes for drug effectiveness or drug resistance.

Our Resources

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