Medical Renal Pathology and Electron Microscopy is a nationally recognized center for diagnostic renal pathology and electron microscopy. It provides the most effective methodologies available for light microscopic, ultrastructural and immunological diagnosis of kidney biopsies and surgical pathology specimen. These include transmission electron microscopy, immunohistochemistry and standard and confocal immunofluorescence microscopy.

Our lab places special emphasis on the diagnosis of glomerular, tubulointerstitial and vascular kidney diseases, as well as evaluation of transplant kidney biopsies. Electron microscopy is further of value in the diagnosis of ciliary abnormalities, metabolic disorders, microbial identification, and tumor diagnosis. As one of the few clinical electron microscopy services with digital imaging capability in the nation, the Yale Renal Pathology Laboratory is well positioned to serve a wide geographic area with rapid turnaround time combined with expert consultative services.