Our providers use local anesthetics in surgical procedures to block sensations of pain from such areas of the body as the arms, legs, and abdomen. Our specialists are trained in ultrasound, nerve stimulation, and landmark-guided peripheral nerve blocks using both single injection and continuous catheter techniques. The peripheral nerve blocks that we perform most commonly include:

  • Upper limb
  • Lower limb
  • Truncal (trunk of the body)

Regional anesthesia is increasingly used in such surgical areas as orthopedics, vascular, and gynecology due to the development of ultrasound-guided placement techniques, and the use of catheters for delivery of continuous local anesthesia.

We specialize in two areas of pain management: an inpatient Acute Pain Service (APS) and the outpatient Center for the Assessment and Management of Pain (CAMP). Our APS specialists offer care for postsurgical pain, pain from chronic medical conditions, cancer pain, and various chronic pain syndromes in adults and children. Our CAMP team focuses on the assessment and management of a wide variety of painful conditions not related to the spine or cancer.