Yale Program in Addiction Medicine physicians and advanced practice providers prevent, diagnose, and treat substance use disorders and related harms. Our program, founded on over 30 years of pioneering research designed to integrate addiction treatment into general medical settings, is internationally recognized for leadership in the field and innovative approaches to care. Our clinicians are experienced in treating opioid, alcohol, tobacco, and other substance use disorders and in providing medications and behavioral therapy for substance use treatment. Our clinicians have training in a wide range of areas in medicine including internal medicine, primary care, emergency medicine, pediatrics, infectious diseases, psychiatry, pulmonary and critical care medicine. They are experienced in providing treatment for substance use alongside pregnancy and care for other co-occurring conditions such as pain, Hepatitis C, HIV, bacterial infections, and mental health diagnoses.

Yale Program in Addiction Medicine clinicians see patients in community health centers, primary care clinics, infectious disease clinics, the emergency department, and in the hospital.