Clinical Research

Our physicians and scientists are devoted to conducting research that improves our understanding of the causes and treatments of disorders that affect children. Our efforts span basic science and clinical research in many areas, including exciting translational research efforts that bring what we learn to the bedside.

A few areas of focus among our pediatric gastroenterologist specialists include the impact of gut microbes on medical therapy and understanding the immune mechanisms and genetics in children with IBD. We are a participating site for the DEVELOP Registry, a long-term study for children with IBD.

For liver diseases, our team is engaged in research aimed at uncovering and ultimately targeting the root causes of some liver diseases in children. These initiatives include a multi-center collaboration evaluating the long-term outcome of pediatric primary sclerosing cholangitis (37 centers from all over the world with more than 150 children) and a comprehensive study examining how a low-salt diet and the gut microbiome alters certain autoimmune cells in patients with autoimmune hepatitis.

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