We are a multidisciplinary team focused on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of illnesses due to exposures and hazards in the workplace and environment. We provide comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic services to patients with a broad range of occupational/environmental and conditions including asthma, cancer, dermatitis, and others.

Our care model is to combine a thorough medical evaluation of patients with a detailed assessment of occupational and/or environmental exposures that could be contributing to the patient’s medical condition. This may involve a site visit to a worksite or home by a team led by our industrial hygienist. Often this exposure assessment leads to identification of a hazard that can be eliminated or reduced, resulting in an improvement of the patient’s clinical condition and a reduction of risk for others.

We also work with employees, unions, industry, government and others to provide exposure assessments, consultations, and risk assessments to ultimately reduce and prevent occupational and environmental illnesses.