Our Laboratories and Programs

We provide all laboratory testing for Yale New Haven Hospital and the VA Connecticut Healthcare System in West Haven. We also operate multiple satellite facilities and patient service centers located throughout the state and provide specialized high-tech testing to other hospitals in the Yale New Haven Health System and other institutions throughout New England and as far away as Puerto Rico.

Transfusion Medicine and Cell Therapy Program

Blood Bank : Provides around-the-clock routine and specialized testing and blood components to support the transfusion needs of Yale Medicine patients, including those undergoing surgery and organ transplantation, those who have suffered a trauma, those with various blood and cancer disorders, and patients cared for in Yale Medicine’s prenatal and newborn special care services. 

Advanced Cell Therapy Laboratories: Provides services for Yale Medicine immunotherapy and stem cell transplant patients. Cells from a patient or donor are removed from the blood, modified to individually target the patient's tumor, and then reinfused into the patient. We use similar approaches to target nonmalignant diseases.

Apheresis: Apheresis is used for collecting platelets or plasma, as well as for the treatment of certain conditions. In this procedure, whole blood is removed and separated so that disease-provoking components can be removed and replaced with healthy components, with the remaining components reintroduced into the bloodstream.

Diagnostic Laboratories

Consultation Services: Our physicians, who are also known as clinical pathologists, provide consultations to other doctors regarding optimal laboratory diagnostic approaches and the interpretation of complex laboratory tests. Our physicians have subspecialty expertise in all areas of testing: hematology, coagulations, toxicology, infectious diseases, immunology, cancer, genetics and other areas. We are available 24/7/365 to your Yale Medicine physician.

Clinical Chemistry Laboratory: The largest of the clinical laboratories, this lab provides routine and state-of-the-art specialized analyses relevant to many diseases, especially in the areas of toxicology, drug monitoring, endocrinology, cardiology, gastroenterology, nephrology and pulmonary medicine.

Clinical Flow Cytometry Laboratory: Using a technology to analyze the physical and chemical characteristics of particles in a fluid as it passes through a laser, we study the proteins expressed by blood and fluid cells and DNA within tumor cells in order to diagnose cancer and other diseases.

Clinical Hematology Laboratory: This lab includes the subsections of coagulation/hemostasis and special hemoglobinopathy evaluations and provides routine studies of the physiology of blood for Yale Medicine and beyond.

Clinical Microbiology Laboratory: Isolates and identifies bacterial, fungal and parasitic agents that are likely to be contributing to infectious processes.

Clinical Virology Laboratory: Performs rapid testing to diagnose viral illnesses.

Clinical Immunology Laboratory: Responsible for laboratory testing and clinical consultation in several broad areas including the evaluation of autoimmune disease, immunodeficiencies, immunoproliferative disorders that cause excessive production of immune system cells and allergy.

Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory: Develops and performs sophisticated diagnostic tests in the areas of genetics, blood disorders and infectious disease.

Tumor Profiling Laboratory: Analyzes tumor DNA to predict the sensitivity or resistance of tumors to a variety of tailored drugs.

VA Connecticut Healthcare Systems Clinical Laboratories: Provides accurate, timely and efficient testing, pathologic diagnoses and transfusion services for veterans.