The Smilow Cancer Genetics & Prevention Program is composed of an interdisciplinary team that includes geneticists, genetic counselors, physicians, and nurses who work together with the goal of providing you with your cancer risk assessment and taking steps to prevent the development of cancer.

Our clinical team is committed to providing a comprehensive plan to help assist you and your family with all aspects of the risk assessment and testing process, surveillance, surgical decision-making and follow-up care. 

Who may be at risk for a hereditary or familial cancer?

People with:

  • A personal or family history of early-onset cancer (younger than 45-50 years)
  • Multiple family members on the same side of the family with the same or related cancers
  • An individual or family member with a diagnosis of more than one type of cancer
  • A personal or family history of breast or pancreatic cancer and Jewish ancestry
  • A personal or family history of ovarian cancer at any age
  • A personal or family history of a rare type of cancer/tumor (for example breast cancer in a male; medullary thyroid cancer; a sebaceous carcinoma or adenoma)