A doctor meets with a female patient in an exam room

Fatty liver disease is a serious condition caused by stress placed on the liver from excess body weight. People with obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and high lipids are at high risk of fatty liver disease. The extra stress causes injury and scarring to the liver.

About 30 percent of the U.S. population has some form of fatty liver disease (NAFLD), and 6-7 percent have the severe form called NASH. Fatty liver disease can affect the quality of your life by causing increased fatigue and lack of concentration. If allowed to progress, fatty liver can lead to liver cirrhosis and liver cancer.

However, the liver has a very high capacity to repair itself if diagnosed in time. Currently weight loss of 7-10 percent has been shown to be the most effective way of improving fatty liver disease. We can identify if you have fatty liver disease and also if this has progressed to liver scarring. Our program helps patients lose weight safely and effectively with a combination of medications, endoscopic weight loss, bariatric surgery and more. For referrals and appointments, the phone number is 203-688-9075; the fax number is 475-246-9339.