The recurrent seizures that herald the presence of epilepsy come from sudden, temporary disturbances in the normal function of the brain’s electrical system. While many people with epilepsy can be successfully treated with anti-

epileptic drugs that provide partial or complete control over seizures, many do not respond to medication or even a combination of multiple medications. As a result, they may experience catastrophic epileptic seizures daily, making any semblance of a normal life impossible. At Yale Medicine, we offer promising options for many of these patients.

Our experts are world-renowned, specializing in the treatment of new-onset epilepsy in children and adults, as well as medically intractable seizure disorders. Our Epilepsy & Seizure Center was one of the first of its kind and we continue to lead the way as one of the most advanced and active programs in the world. More epilepsy surgeons around the country received their training at Yale than at any other program in the country. 

We see both children and adults for second opinions, diagnostic evaluation and first time seizures. We provide treatment recommendations for all types and severity of epilepsy or possible epilepsy. We consider the special situations faced by epilepsy patients and can provide input on:

  • Recommendations regarding management, evaluation and treatment (including new medications)
  • Epilepsy surgery options