Continuous Audio Visual EEG Recording-Phase I

Continuous Audio Visual EEG recording is a standard of care in establishing an accurate diagnosis in epilepsy. The technicians will attach about 25 electrodes to your scalp using a special adhesive. Each electrode is connected to a wire that eventually connects to a computer system. Your brain emits very weak electrical discharges that the electrodes are able to collect. During various activities, such as a seizure, the electrodes over the active areas receive more electrical stimulation than the other electrodes. We are able to study this information to help determine the area in the brain responsible for the seizures. These electrodes will remain attached for the entire duration of the hospital stay. To help seizures occur naturally so they can be studied, we often will remove medications during this testing.

Sometimes we will try to perform an injection during the seizure for an ictal SPECT scan, which can be done after you recover from your seizure. This helps to localize seizure-generating areas of the brain, and shows blood flow changes with seizures.

In addition to EEG monitoring, you will be monitored on an audio-video camera. Your image, along with simultaneous EEG recordings, is saved. When you have a seizure, the doctor will be able to review the EEG and see exactly how you responded. This will help determine the location and severity of the seizures.


You will be admitted to the hospital for approximately one week for evaluation of your seizures. During this time, we will try to record several of your seizure episodes. Additional testing may be done at this time as well.

Continue to take all prescribed medications until you have been admitted to the hospital. Your medication may be adjusted, reduced or even temporarily stopped while you are hospitalized.

Please arrange for a ride to and from the hospital. When you arrive at 20 York Street, please pull into the semicircle located in front of the hospital and inform them that you are here to be admitted. The car will be valet parked for a fee of $12.00 per calendar day. Note that parking validation is not available. If you have further questions regarding parking, please contact (203) 688-2623.

You will be admitted to a specially equipped single room with a video camera at the foot of the bed. Electrodes will be glued to your scalp and left in place to allow for continuous EEG recording. Please be sure your hair is clean and free of gels and/or sprays. Please bring conditioner to help with removing the glue on your scalp from the electrodes.

Mobility within the room is restricted, due to the monitoring devices, and for your safety. You will be limited to movement between the bed and a chair located next to the bed.

Please bring items such as books/magazines, iPod/iPad (ear phones may not be worn over your head), games, etc., to entertain yourself and occupy your time. There is wireless internet connection if you chose to bring a laptop computer.

There is a telephone in the room; however, you are allowed to bring your cellular phone. Your room is equipped with a television as well.

Bring comfortable clothes such as nightwear/pajamas with tops that button up the front (all tops must button or zip all the way, as nothing can go over your head because of the electrodes).

You will be unable to shower while at the hospital for monitoring; however, you will be allowed to take a sponge bath.

Visiting hours are from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. One adult may stay overnight, and a cot will be provided.

All of your meals will be provided by the hospital. Visitor meals can be purchased at the cafeteria located downstairs. You may bring snacks, though there is no refrigerator storage available. You may also have outside food brought in for you by a visitor.

Smoking is not allowed. Nicotine patches are available to help you stay smoke-free.