Clinical Research

Yale researchers have introduced countless medical and health advances over the last century, including the first success with antibiotics in the United States and the first use of chemotherapy to treat cancer. Yale scientists identified Lyme disease and discovered genes responsible for such disorders as high blood pressure, osteoporosis, dyslexia and Tourette's syndrome. We did early work on the artificial heart and developed the first insulin pump to treat diabetes. Our investigators are also world-renowned for basic science research, including groundbreaking discoveries about how the cell and its components function at the molecular level.

Emergency medicine research is an interdisciplinary field that addresses a wide range of medical specialties ranging from acute critical care to improving public health. We have numerous research studies underway at any given time and our doctors are nationally recognized experts in their fields of study. For example, we are involved in research that includes identifying the risks of computed tomography scans and noninvasive tests to improve our understanding of unexplained chest pain.

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