We are the premier Movement Disorder Program (Deep Brain Stimulation, or DBS Program) in the state and one of the leading programs in the Northeast. Our expert neurosurgeons specialize in utilizing DBS to restore function and quality of life in patients with all types of movement disorders, including Parkinson’s disease.

Faulty pathway signals in the parts of the brain that control movement are at the root of many movement disorders. Earlier surgical methods (such as ablation) worked by destroying brain tissue to eliminate the problematic signals through stimulation, which has the advantage of keeping the tissue intact. The first procedure involves placing an electrode in the brain. Then, in a second procedure, we connect the electrode to a tiny electrical generator we implant in your chest or abdomen. The generator delivers an electrical current to the area of the brain responsible for the symptoms and blocks them. While DBS does not cure your condition, it can substantially ease 

symptoms and allow you to decrease the amount of medications you take, thereby limiting side effects and improving your quality of life.

DBS can also be effective for other conditions, including: 

Tremor:  Research has shown that DBS can be very effective in controlling and eliminating certain types of tremor. DBS is FDA-approved for the treatment of essential tremor and also helpful for a range of other tremor types.

Dystonia: Select patients with severe dystonia have found significant benefit with DBS therapy. Patients with DYT1 positive dystonia have had good responses with this FDA-approved treatment. The effectiveness of DBS varies depending on the primary or secondary nature of the disease. We thoroughly review each patient to determine the potential benefit.

Neuropsychiatric disease: Neurosurgery has had a long history of providing surgery that destroys brain tissue to treat neuropsychiatric conditions. Today, we are exploring and expanding the use of non-destructive neuron-augmentation for psychiatric disorders, including depression and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). DBS has been helpful for select patients with severe OCD. The use of DBS to treat other neuropsychiatric disorders, such as major depressive disorder and Tourette’s syndrome, is currently under study with promising results.