Our Approach

We are committed to working closely with every family to help them understand and address their child’s and family’s needs. Our interdisciplinary teams use up-to-date science to evaluate the whole child—including strengths and vulnerabilities—and determine his or her developmental needs. We then work with your family to develop a comprehensive evaluation and treatment plan, if necessary.

Our treatment plans aim to help your child in all areas of life, and involve parents and other family members. Our treatment may include (one-on-one or group) therapy, parent-centered approaches and collaboration with schools.

When appropriate, our providers will discuss the use of medication, providing detailed information so you can make an informed decision. Many of our patients improve and thrive without medication, and for others it is a valuable part of their treatment.

Development is a social process that happens in a social context. Our success begins with a commitment to partner with families as long as they need our help. We believe in care that strives to help families and children move toward health and well-being.