The Yale Medicine APS Program is an interdisciplinary collaboration across departments to facilitate the care, education, and research around APS, an autoimmune disorder that can be associated with other rheumatic diseases, including lupus.

APS is a systemic disorder that can affect any organ or tissue. APS affects women more frequently than men and may cause problems during pregnancy, clotting or blood disorders, or may occur with other autoimmune conditions, such as lupus. We work with obstetricians, hematologist, rheumatologists and other Yale Medicine specialists to provide comprehensive care of all aspects of APS. These specialists meet to discuss particularly challenging cases and collaborate to provide the best treatment.

Patient education is essential for any chronic condition, but especially for APS patients because it is a rare disorder that has only been recognized recently.

We also educate physician colleagues to raise awareness of APS and work collaboratively with them to provide coordinated care.

Specific patient resources are available at the following external websites:

APS Foundation of America

American College of Rheumatology

APS Alliance for Clinical Trials