Sinus Surgery

This information is useful for children, adults, and older adults
a young man who could be treated with sinus surgery tries to minimize the pain by pinching his nose

Sinus infections can leave you feeling drained, fatigued and miserable. For people diagnosed with chronic sinusitis for whom prescription medications don’t bring relief, a surgical procedure may be helpful.

“In sinus surgery, we open the natural drainage passageways to allow for adequate ventilation and drainage. After surgery, we can get medications into the sinuses.” says R. Peter Manes, MD, a Yale Medicine surgeon specializing in otolaryngology. Sinus surgery also enables your doctor to biopsy the sinus pathways to check for signs of bacteria or tumors.

At Yale Medicine, we perform several types of sinus surgeries not available elsewhere, and our surgeons are expert at making repairs if a previous sinus surgery was unsuccessful.