Pediatric Kidney Transplant

This information is useful for children
sad child
Why Yale Medicine?
  • Yale Medicine has one of the largest pediatric transplant programs in the region.
  • Children with congenital defects that affect multiple organs have access to Yale Medicine’s combined kidney and liver transplant program.
  • Our adult and pediatric programs share a transplant nephrologist, who is involved in the treatment and post-surgical care of every patient.

When a child has end-stage kidney (renal) disease, called kidney failure, a transplant may be the most effective treatment. Most kidney transplants in children are successful, and kids can go on to enjoy normal, healthy lives. 

At Yale Medicine, our experts are highly skilled and sensitive to the unique needs of children and their families during this difficult time. Our highly skilled pediatric surgeons, nephrologists, social workers and dietitians all work together as a team. And we have the added benefit of communicating with our adult transplant program when needed.