This information is useful for adults and older adults
A man holds his knee, he may be developing osteoarthritis.

As they age, many people find themselves coping with osteoarthritis, the type of arthritis that is associated with inflammation of the tissues in the joints. Osteoarthritis leads to pain and stiffness that can make it difficult to open a jar or climb the stairs. But it doesn’t have to put an end to physical activities. There are a wide variety of treatment options that can allow you to continue with the physical activities you enjoy

“Res­­­­­­earchers are still investigating how to literally undo arthritis, but there are many treatments available that can alleviate the pain and disability associated with osteoarthritis,” says Elizabeth Gardner, MD, a Yale Medicine Sports Medicine orthopedic surgeon.

Yale Medicine’s orthopedic surgeons are specialists in nonsurgical approaches. They are also expert at performing minimally invasive arthroscopic surgeries. Because they’re academic clinicians, they are continually researching new and better treatments for both routine and complex cases.