This information is useful for children, adults, and older adults
close up of tired businessman in eyeglasses suffering from headache at office
Why Yale Medicine?
  • Our specialists are experts at discovering the true cause of severe headaches.
  • We treat serious cases aggressively.
  • We offer headache prevention treatments.
  • Our patients can participate in clinical trials, gaining early access to new treatments.

There is probably no malady more common than the headache. We associate them with common lifestyle triggers such as stress at work, changes in diet, excess drinking of alcohol, and also with colds and allergies. Usually, swallowing an over-the-counter painkiller takes care of the problem. But severe, recurring headaches can be related to diabetes, neurological disorders, hypertension or arthritis. They require professional care.

At Yale Medicine, the Headache & Facial Pain Center, within the neurology department, focuses on better diagnoses and more personalized treatments for people with severe headaches.