Gambling Disorder

This information is useful for adults and older adults
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Why Yale Medicine?
  • One of only two Centers of Excellence in the US that are focused on research on gambling disorders
  • A multidisciplinary approach to care, including psychotherapy, medication and peer support
  • An emphasis on learning about and nderstanding the neurobiology of gambling disorder contributes to more effective treatment

Excessive gambling can drain finances, ruin personal and professional relationships, and harm the gambler’s mental health. Gambling disorder affects about 1 percent of Americans who can’t stop, despite the consequences. Gambling covers more than a trip to the casino or an illicit poker game – it includes lotteries, online poker, and sports betting, and there's a debate over whether it also includes daily fantasy sports leagues.

Yale Medicine is a leader in gambling disorder treatment research, with one of two Centers of Excellence in gambling research in the nation financed by the National Center for Responsible Gaming located at Yale. We take a multidisciplinary approach, including brain imaging, pharmacology, and genetics, to investigate the neurobiology and treatment of gambling disorder.

Clinical Trials

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