Fatty Liver Disease

This information is useful for children, adults, and older adults
Illustration of the body shows the location of the liver where fatty liver disease can develop.

When you gain too much weight, it doesn't just accumulate on the outside of your body. Fat may start to deposit inside, too, within organs such as the liver. 

This condition is called fatty liver disease. Liver cells, or hepatocytes, fill with large fat droplets and can become stressed, damaged or scarred—some even die. Excessive inflammation in the liver called steatohepatitis can then develop and progress to cirrhosis.

“Most people aren’t even aware fatty liver disease exists. Large numbers of people are affected by this disease, and they don’t realize it,' says Wajahat Mehal, PhD, MD, director of Yale Medicine's Metabolic Health & Weight Loss Program. “This is an epidemic that has crept up on us."

At Yale Medicine, if you have abnormal liver test results, we'll look for the potential causes of those results so that we can develop an effective plan to help you make healthy lifestyle changes and lose weight.

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