Egg Donation (for the donor)

This information is useful for adults
A young woman, possibly an egg donor

An act of kindness can transform someone else’s life. Becoming an egg donor means you are giving another person the opportunity to realize their dream of building (and raising) a family.

Receiving an egg donation can be the long-sought answer for women who have already tried other infertility procedures or for women who were born without ovaries, whose ovaries have been removed, or whose ovaries may have been damaged by radiation or chemotherapy after cancer treatment. Egg donation can also help same-sex male couples have a baby.

At the Yale Fertility Center, doctors recruit donors from the community. Donations can also be made by friends or relatives. All donors are carefully screened, and the identities of donors who wish to remain anonymous will not be released.

Dorothy Greenfeld, MSW, a Yale Fertility Center counselor, works closely with women who have donated their eggs. “Many women like the idea of helping others,” she says. “Often, they know someone who is infertile. They acknowledge the money is helpful [egg donors are compensated], but they aren’t doing this to make a living.”