Craniofacial Surgery

This information is useful for children
close-up of a baby that has had craniofacial surgery

When a child has a traumatic injury or birth defect, it can be difficult for parents when they don't know what to expect. At Yale Medicine, our craniofacial surgical specialists provide you with the support you need, in part, through detailed answers and by thoroughly explaining your child’s condition and treatment options. 

In the vast majority of cases, craniofacial surgeries are performed on infants and children who were born with or later developed a skull or facial abnormality. Surgery may also be performed on someone who has sustained a traumatic injury in an accident or has a non-congenital condition like a tumor or blood vessel developmental abnormalities.

Craniofacial surgery techniques may be used to treat urgent, life-threatening conditions as well as important “quality of life” reconstructive procedures.