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Why Yale Medicine?
  • Our scientists are leaders in vascular malformation and hemangioma research.
  • We are leading academic dermatology center of excellence.
  • We are the largest provider of specialized dermatologic care in the region.

If you or your child was born with a birthmark, you may have a lot of questions you'd like to ask a dermatologist. 

One type of birthmarks is called a congenital hemangioma. It is a rare, noncancerous tumor made up of thickened skin and many thin-walled blood vessels that is present and fully grown at birth. Another kind of birthmark is called a vascular malformation. It is a collection of blood vessels and are often present at birth. 

"Our doctors regularly see patients with birthmarks and have vast experience identifying them," says Richard J. Antaya, MD, a Yale Medicine pediatric dermatologist who is a professor of dermatology, pediatrics and nursing at Yale School of Medicine. 

Our Yale Medicine physicians are internationally recognized leaders in vascular malformation research, studying hemangioma for more than 20 years.